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About pileh game studio

Pileh Game Studio was born with the aim of bringing people happiness. we believed to be a butterfly, you should first build a cocoon. Then we thought to ourselves: "why not make an environement with high level of creativity and zero bureaucracy which its sole mission is to acquire the best talents to make the best things done. the place where people can make the biggest impact and nothing would stand on their way of creating happiness. Of course, it must be mentioned that we think of financial stuff as our latest goal. we got to this conclusion that the world out there is full of different talents, obviously in the cocoon. Talents that need to be blossomed and get out of their cocoon in order to transform to a beatiful butterfly, and the world full of butterflies is much more alleviating. We hope to get out of our cocoons together and enjoy the joy of fly. We love you, Pileh Game Studio

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